Thursday, December 31

Save the First Dance Blooper

Why is Bloom wearing her Winx crown when she's untransformed?

Tuesday, December 29

Roxy's Shirt Blooper

From Season 4, Episode 11 -

Roxy's missing her green undershirt. Thanks to Sarah Malone finding this!

Friday, December 25

111 Bloopers

From Season 1, Episode 11 -

Why are Tecna's wings not fully extended while she's flying?

310 Blooper

From Season 3, Episode 10 -

Musa's skirt is colored incorrectly.

Correct version -

326 Blooper

From Season 3, Episode 26 -

Where are Musa's wings?

316 Blooper

From Season 3, Episode 16

Where are Bloom's wings?

Some Movie Bloopers

Where are Musa's ponytail holders?

Look in the mirror, what are Stella and Timmy doing? (Way to miscolor!)

Wednesday, December 16

Bloom Enchantix Oops

From Season 3, Episode 13 -

Several episodes before Bloom gets her Enchantix, she's depicted as wearing it.

Layla Mini-Winx Oops

From Season 3, Episode 24 -

Where's Layla's top?

Stella's Winx Transformation Blooper

In her transformation, Stella's bracelets appear and then magically disappear before reappearing

Flora's Winx Blooper

Since when does Flora have earrings in her Winx form?

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