Thursday, November 26

Where Are The Bottoms?

Thanks to Renee Stella for the image!

Thursday, November 19

Layla/Aisha's Enchantix Blooper!

She still has her blind eyes in one shot!!

Saturday, November 14

Nabu! What Are YOU Doing Back?

Nabu's ALIVE in the strange scene from the last episode...

Monday, November 9

Bloom's Wing and Stella's Gloves Blooper

This one is from my friend Winx Whitney from True Blue Winx!

For those that can't read it, Bloom's right wing is missing and Stella's gloves are extended to her shoulders.

Saturday, November 7

Clarice Blooper!!

My friend took this picture with his cell so it's not too good.

What season is this? 4, right? WRONG!! Season 3! And there's Clarice and her gang!! How's that for a blooper? If you have ANY bloopers, E-Mail me at!! I will see if it really is a blooper, and then put it up. Thanks for reading everyone!
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