Wednesday, June 23

Pikachu #2?

Thanks to Lea Cherico.

In the first episode of the new season of Pokemon (called Regaining the Home Advantage), there is a blooper when Mamoswine comes out of its Poké Ball, they show TWO PIKACHU! (The proper plural form for Pikachu is Pikachu) The second Pikachu SHOULD be Monferno. 

Here is a picture: 

A great thanks to, for access to the episode online.

Season 2 Finale Bloopers

Stella's Charmix changes constantly throughout this episode -

Looks like the Winx girls lost their wings...again -

Oh, Stella, stay away from whatever you're eating, you need those wings...

Dark Bloom's so evil she lost her sparkles -

Tuesday, June 22

Another Missing Wing...

From Secret of the Lost Kingdom -

Tecna apparently lost a wing (OW!) and her sparkles.

Monday, June 21

Typo Alert!

From Season 2, Episode 7 (RAI English) -

Submitted by RoxyRox.

Saturday, June 19

Tecna's Earrings...?

From Season 4, Episode 3 -

Since when does Tecna have earrings in her civilian outfit?

Submitted by RoxyRox.

Tuesday, June 1

Bakugan Blooper

Our first Bakugan blooper! From the Fairy of Subterra.

I was watching the Bakugan episode "Cyber Nightmare" (New Vestroia, Episode 7) when I noticed this blooper. While Mira and Linc are battling, when Altair first starts to malfunction, Professor Clay's technical assistant or whoever he is says "It's causing an energy feedback to three systems." I don't know about you, but I see FOUR red blips on the screen. Therefore, they must have messed up somewhere in there.

The picture:

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