Saturday, January 1

Where did the rest of her hair go?

From Season 4, Episode 6 -

(Note: This was a Stars_and_Fire post that was never published)

Friday, December 31

Fabia is a Brunette?

Discovered by Lea Cherico.

In episode 3 of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, Dan says that he saw a "brunette". That brunette is actually Fabia, a girl with blue hair. Here's where he says it, at 0:38.

And, here's a picture of Fabia.

Maybe you should get those eyes checked Dan!

Tuesday, December 28

Stella's Missing Bracelets

From Season 2, Episode 14 -

(Submitted by Fairy of Subterra)

Sunday, October 17

Extreme Pokemon Fails

This is a Pokemon book I got in the second grade, and finally I have a place to share the crazy fails written into it! Don't worry, I didn't write in it. The highlighting was done on Paint.

Fail 1: No, it's not the S.S. Anne, it's the S.S. Anne, dur!

Fail 2: It's a well-known fact that male Nidoran look exactly like Nidorinos.

Fail 3: Is it weird if my Charmander is blue, leafy, and pimply?

Saturday, October 9

Musashi's (Jessie's) Green/Blue Eyes!

In Pokemon, Jessie's eyes are blue. In Episode 4 of the new Pokemon season in Japan, Pokemon: Best Wishes, I managed to pause it at the second that Jessie's eyes turned green after blinking.

 Her eyes should look like this:

Thanks to AuroraVirus on YouTube for providing the episodes with subtitles!

Saturday, October 2

Tecna's Missing Sleeves and Chimera's Short Staff

From Layla n Amentia!

Her staff isn't touching the ground!

Monday, September 20

Magical Eyes!

From Haylee.

On Season 2, Episode 3, Bloom's eyes change from blue to brown!

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