Friday, December 31

Fabia is a Brunette?

Discovered by Lea Cherico.

In episode 3 of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, Dan says that he saw a "brunette". That brunette is actually Fabia, a girl with blue hair. Here's where he says it, at 0:38.

And, here's a picture of Fabia.

Maybe you should get those eyes checked Dan!

Tuesday, December 28

Stella's Missing Bracelets

From Season 2, Episode 14 -

(Submitted by Fairy of Subterra)

Sunday, October 17

Extreme Pokemon Fails

This is a Pokemon book I got in the second grade, and finally I have a place to share the crazy fails written into it! Don't worry, I didn't write in it. The highlighting was done on Paint.

Fail 1: No, it's not the S.S. Anne, it's the S.S. Anne, dur!

Fail 2: It's a well-known fact that male Nidoran look exactly like Nidorinos.

Fail 3: Is it weird if my Charmander is blue, leafy, and pimply?

Saturday, October 9

Musashi's (Jessie's) Green/Blue Eyes!

In Pokemon, Jessie's eyes are blue. In Episode 4 of the new Pokemon season in Japan, Pokemon: Best Wishes, I managed to pause it at the second that Jessie's eyes turned green after blinking.

 Her eyes should look like this:

Thanks to AuroraVirus on YouTube for providing the episodes with subtitles!

Saturday, October 2

Tecna's Missing Sleeves and Chimera's Short Staff

From Layla n Amentia!

Her staff isn't touching the ground!

Monday, September 20

Magical Eyes!

From Haylee.

On Season 2, Episode 3, Bloom's eyes change from blue to brown!


Wednesday, September 1

A Little Left-Over Winx

This one may be hard to spot... or not. It seems bloom's Winx outfit left her usually-average casual outfit a little present... That little charm on her chest! Le gasp.

Saturday, August 28

Tecna's Wings Oops

From Season 4, Episode 13 -

Tecna's wings are colored incorrectly.

Wednesday, August 18

Official Fail

That's from the official site for 4kids. Nice new way to spell Lockette's name, 4kids!

Saturday, July 17

Darcy's Missing Glove Oops

From Season 2, Episode 22 -

Darcy's missing a glove.

Saturday, July 3

Bloom's Heart Clip 2!

In Winx Club Season 4, Episode 25, when the Winx fly to the castle, (see this blooper, another one from the same scene of the episode), Bloom's heart clip is miscolored!

It should be like this:

This also happened in an earlier episode. See the first Bloom's Heart Clip blooper!

Monster Shield Blooper

Thanks to Lea Cherico.

On Winx Club Season 4 Episode 25, there is a protection shield type of thing outside of Morgana's Castle.

(Please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't actually watched the episode yet, I've only taken the pictures of the blooper.) A lizard turns into a monster because it touched it.

Later, the Winx fly right through it!


The Specialists also go through it by jumping in the water behind it!


They didn't turn into monsters! That's a big mess up. Take a look at another blooper from that same scene!

Wednesday, June 23

Pikachu #2?

Thanks to Lea Cherico.

In the first episode of the new season of Pokemon (called Regaining the Home Advantage), there is a blooper when Mamoswine comes out of its Poké Ball, they show TWO PIKACHU! (The proper plural form for Pikachu is Pikachu) The second Pikachu SHOULD be Monferno. 

Here is a picture: 

A great thanks to, for access to the episode online.

Season 2 Finale Bloopers

Stella's Charmix changes constantly throughout this episode -

Looks like the Winx girls lost their wings...again -

Oh, Stella, stay away from whatever you're eating, you need those wings...

Dark Bloom's so evil she lost her sparkles -

Tuesday, June 22

Another Missing Wing...

From Secret of the Lost Kingdom -

Tecna apparently lost a wing (OW!) and her sparkles.

Monday, June 21

Typo Alert!

From Season 2, Episode 7 (RAI English) -

Submitted by RoxyRox.

Saturday, June 19

Tecna's Earrings...?

From Season 4, Episode 3 -

Since when does Tecna have earrings in her civilian outfit?

Submitted by RoxyRox.

Tuesday, June 1

Bakugan Blooper

Our first Bakugan blooper! From the Fairy of Subterra.

I was watching the Bakugan episode "Cyber Nightmare" (New Vestroia, Episode 7) when I noticed this blooper. While Mira and Linc are battling, when Altair first starts to malfunction, Professor Clay's technical assistant or whoever he is says "It's causing an energy feedback to three systems." I don't know about you, but I see FOUR red blips on the screen. Therefore, they must have messed up somewhere in there.

The picture:

Friday, May 28

Roxy's Zoomix?

Thanks to Fairy of Subterra.

In Season 4, Episode 13 (L'Attaco Degli Stregoni), Roxy is shown with Zoomix wings. It's probably just a mistake by the people who made up the frames.

She's the one on the far left.

Wednesday, May 19

Roxy's Hair Blooper

Pointed out by Anonymous.

In Season 4, Episode 13, a scene involving Roxy shows her hair without her yellow part at the bottom.

How she SHOULD look:

(Notice the little yellow extension on this picture, and how it's gone in the other)

Tuesday, May 11

Bloom's Eye Blooper

From Kaila

In Season 4 Episode 20 her eyes are upside down and smaller (you have to look closely, click to enlarge).

Friday, May 7

Milly is Lookin' Like a Kitty Today...

From Layla n Amentia...

Actually... just no. See this kitty? That's Flora's pet Coco. Not Milly, as the card says. Milly is Layla's bunny. xD

Sunday, March 28

Double Piff Oops

From Season 2, Episode 7 -

Hey, look, Piff multiplied!

Side note: 4Kids managed to catch this and removed the second Piff on their DVD.

Thanks to RoxyRox for submitting the blooper!

Monday, March 22

Stella's Believix Oops

From Season 4, Episode 13 -

Stella is missing her pink undershirt and its straps.

Thanks to Alyduffy for submitting this blooper!

Friday, March 19

"Homesick" Bloopers

From Season 2, Episode 11 -

There are several bloopers in this picture -
  • - Flora and Layla are missing their wings.
  • - A good portion of Stella's headband is missing.
  • - The girls are missing the sparkles on their outfits.
Thanks to Alyduffy for the picture and first two bloopers!

Monday, March 15

New Rules Regarding Bloopers

If you find any bloopers from Winx Club (all seasons, the movie, PNGs), Pokémon (all seasons, all series, all movies, Pokerap), or Bakugan (all seasons), please send in the following to :
  1. What the blooper is (e.g. “Dan’s hair is miscolored”)
  2. A picture of the blooper (see rules below)
  3. The season number and episode number or the movie title and number (“Season 3, Episode 12”, “Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, movie nine”)
  4. If you took the blooper from another site or a comment on a site (e.g. YouTube, Blogger, WordPress), please give credit to the site/commenter. You will still be credited for sending the blooper to us.
  5. The name you wish to be credited as (does not have to be your real name). You will be credited by your email username if you do not include this.
  6. Comments posted on this blog will not be accepted unless you meet the above criteria and provide a link to your site/blog that includes a picture of the blooper. If your blooper is hard to find on your website, please provide a link to both your site and and the picture.
Picture rules:
  • The picture MUST be high quality. Blurry pictures will be declined.
  • The picture may only have a channel watermark (e.g. 4Kids, Rai Due, TV Tokyo), no watermarks placed there by you or the site from which you got the picture (see the rule below). If the channel watermark partially covers or completely covers the blooper, the blooper will be sent back with a request for a new picture (you may either use a non-watermarked picture or you may change stations. For example, the 4Kids and the Cartoon Network Singapore logos are in different spots on the screen and thus would be good substitutes for each other.)
  • Taking pictures from other sites is forbidden.
  • The picture must not have subtitles, regardless of the show.
  • No writing may be on the picture. Please describe the blooper in your email.
  • Please do not include circles or arrows on the picture unless the blooper is hard to see.
If you do not follow the above rules or the submission guidelines, your blooper will be sent back with a request for the missing information.

Please do not continuously harass us for not posting your picture automatically. We here have lives and this blog is not the main focus of said lives.

If you currently have sent us bloopers that do not match the following criteria, please resend them to

Hilarious Oops

From Season 3, Episode 19 -

I think you can see the errors.

Sunday, March 14

Tecna's Lovix Oops

From Season 4, Episode 22 -

Notice Tecna's belt. It is supposed to be fur, as seen below -

Thanks to Alyduffy for these!

Friday, March 12

Something Missing?

See if you can spot all of the Oops in these pictures!

From Season 4, Episode 19 -

From Season 1, Episode 16 -

From Season 1, Episode 11 -

From Season 1, Episode 6 -

From Season 1, Episode 5 -

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