Friday, May 28

Roxy's Zoomix?

Thanks to Fairy of Subterra.

In Season 4, Episode 13 (L'Attaco Degli Stregoni), Roxy is shown with Zoomix wings. It's probably just a mistake by the people who made up the frames.

She's the one on the far left.

Wednesday, May 19

Roxy's Hair Blooper

Pointed out by Anonymous.

In Season 4, Episode 13, a scene involving Roxy shows her hair without her yellow part at the bottom.

How she SHOULD look:

(Notice the little yellow extension on this picture, and how it's gone in the other)

Tuesday, May 11

Bloom's Eye Blooper

From Kaila

In Season 4 Episode 20 her eyes are upside down and smaller (you have to look closely, click to enlarge).

Friday, May 7

Milly is Lookin' Like a Kitty Today...

From Layla n Amentia...

Actually... just no. See this kitty? That's Flora's pet Coco. Not Milly, as the card says. Milly is Layla's bunny. xD
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