Sunday, February 28

Yellow Wings

Charizard oops! His wings are... YELLOW!

Normal Charizard:

I noticed this the first time I watched this episode, when I was in grade two or three or something (^.^) It's always been my favorite: Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon!

Yes, My Hair is Solid.

Oops. It seems something is a bit off with Nurse Joy's hair. It's filled in!

For those who don't watch Pokemon, it SHOULD look like this:


"Likitung, Tauros, Weedle, Nidoran..."

Wait, Likitung? Another Pokerap epic fail. Her name isn't spelled Likitung, it's Lickitung. Oops!

"...Machop, Shellder, Porygon, HITMONCHAN!"

Monday, February 22

Bloom's Boots Blooper

From Season 3, Episode 1 -

When Bloom steps onto the platform, she's not wearing her boots -

- she's wearing Flora's Winx boots.

Roxy's Eyes Blooper

Throughout the fourth season Roxy's eyes keep changing color. Often they are depicted as blue -

- but other times they are shown as yellow.

Staryu and Starmie Mix-up!

This was just a small blooper, where Brock announced these Pokemon as "Squirtle and Staryu!". The only problem? That's not Staryu, that's Starmie.

Sunday, February 21

PokeRap Oops

I was watching the first-generation PokeRap today, and I noticed they made a couple of mistakes...

First, instead of show Graveler, they used Geodude, which evolves into Graveler.

They made the same mistake with Poliwrath, and used a Poliwag picture.

Thursday, February 18

Misty's Blue Suspenders

This is from the fourteenth episode of the first season of Pokemon (Electric Shock Showdown)

For those of you who don't watch Pokemon (or have only seen the newer episodes *sigh*), Misty, the redhead, always wears the same outfit of jean shorts, a yellow bare-midriff top, and red suspenders. But in this scene, her suspenders are- BLUE!?!

This is what she should look like:

Sunday, February 7

Musa's Hair Oops

From Season 3, Episode 5 -

Keep in mind she has her hair spelled in the first episode of the season.

Layla's Believix Transformation Oops

During Layla's Believix transformation, there is a blooper that occurs for about a millisecond.

Thanks to Harmayna for this second one!

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