Saturday, July 17

Darcy's Missing Glove Oops

From Season 2, Episode 22 -

Darcy's missing a glove.

Saturday, July 3

Bloom's Heart Clip 2!

In Winx Club Season 4, Episode 25, when the Winx fly to the castle, (see this blooper, another one from the same scene of the episode), Bloom's heart clip is miscolored!

It should be like this:

This also happened in an earlier episode. See the first Bloom's Heart Clip blooper!

Monster Shield Blooper

Thanks to Lea Cherico.

On Winx Club Season 4 Episode 25, there is a protection shield type of thing outside of Morgana's Castle.

(Please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't actually watched the episode yet, I've only taken the pictures of the blooper.) A lizard turns into a monster because it touched it.

Later, the Winx fly right through it!


The Specialists also go through it by jumping in the water behind it!


They didn't turn into monsters! That's a big mess up. Take a look at another blooper from that same scene!

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