Sunday, October 17

Extreme Pokemon Fails

This is a Pokemon book I got in the second grade, and finally I have a place to share the crazy fails written into it! Don't worry, I didn't write in it. The highlighting was done on Paint.

Fail 1: No, it's not the S.S. Anne, it's the S.S. Anne, dur!

Fail 2: It's a well-known fact that male Nidoran look exactly like Nidorinos.

Fail 3: Is it weird if my Charmander is blue, leafy, and pimply?


  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wowww...hilarious!!

  2. I actually have more! I didn't wanna make the post too big. I think Zay has my book though, so I can't take the pics :'(

  3. You can make the post as big as you want! :) But, yeah, GET IT BACK FROM HIM! xD

  4. I just hate uber long posts ^.^
    His room is right across from mine, I'm just too lazy xD

  5. And plus those were the only pictures I could take before my camera finally died. I could use the ones I took on the webcam, but they aren't as clear.

  6. 1. XD
    2. Put in some new batteries/charge it!

  7. Me be BACK!!!!!!!!!
    Epic fails.
    Why can't crazy publishers/editors catch these things?
    Eh, if they did, it'd make this A LOT less fun!

    So yeah, just thought I'd let you know that I haven't died or been stuck in an asylum...YET.

    Can't wait to zee pics, Pheebs!!!

  8. I also saw a Pokemon book made in America that my friend has, it was made before Johto, and they listed Togepi as Pokemon number #152. XD

  9. XD

    Hey Ian! Just to ask, are you gonna update your top of zee screen banner with characters from both BBB: Gundalian Invaders and Pokemon: Best Wishes?
    If you do then you'd better not kick Mira out!!!

  10. Not top-top of the screen but zee on right below the Bloom-Ash-Dan one!
    Though you probably know that since I said Mira...

  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. To be honest, I don't know. :/ My friend made that for me, and I haven't talked to her in a while, so I'll have to talk to her about it.

  12. I really don't understand the mistake with the S.S. Anne.

  13. The SS Anne is a boat docked in Vermillion.
    False: The name of the boat is the SS Anne


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